Our primary objective is to ensure you do not pay more tax than what is legally required.
In this endeavor we will work closely with you to maximise your claims and minimise your taxation costs, whether you are an individual, sole trader, partnership, company or any other business structures.
No matter how complex or simple your tax situation is, we have experienced and qualified staff to help you achieve the maximum out your return.


Since July 2000 Australian businesses have been required to keep adequate records to comply with their GST obligations.
Accurately recording your business transactions will ensure you minimise your GST liability.
We have helped thousands of small to medium businesses to comply with all the requirements and regulation that being registered for GST entails as well and helping them minimise their quarterly liabilities through identifying all their taxable supplies and input taxed credits they are entitled to claim.


If you are an individual that is considering investment choices or you are starting up a business and need advice on business structures or if you are currently operating a business there are always questions that need to be answered.
We pride ourselves in providing an easy to understand plain language advice.
Whatever your query, it will be handled with professionalism and efficiency to ensure you are completely satisfied with the service and information provided.


Trusts have increasingly become a popular way of trading and carrying on business, they provide asset protecting and taxation flexibility. If you are thinking about a Trust as a medium for your business, we will identify and explain the pros and cons of doing so.
It is important to note that as Trusts have become more widely used by taxpayers to run their business, the ATO has also increased their level of scrutiny and compliance requirements.
We will help you set and maintain your trust ensuring compliance with all legislative requirements.


We understand that at the end of a long day of hard work the last thing you want to do is your business paperwork and bookkeeping, although this is a key part of ensuring your business is successful overtime.
Understanding your business cash cycles and ensuring tax compliance is essential.
For these reasons we can review your current bookkeeping systems and suggest ways in which you can stream line the process or if you require it we can take over the whole process for you.

Winding up and Bunkruptcy

Unfortunately is a reality of doing business that at some stage some will need to close down.
If this situation arises we can help you through this difficult process by restructuring where possible or by ensuring a stress free process of terminating your business.
We have helped many businesses through this difficult process by ensuring a good network of professionals working with you to facilitate the smoothness of the process.

Self Managed Super

‚ÄčLike trusts SMSFs have increased immensely in popularity and ever since the Global Financial Crisis, individuals have looked to protect their super savings from global market fluctuations and have taken this task into their own hands.
SMSFs can be very effective in taking control over the risk of investing your funds, but there are many regulations governing the operation of SMSFs we can help with the set up and administration to ensure you not only maximise your investments but you do so in compliance with the rules.


When in business one of the most time consuming and stressful activities is paying your employees.
This requires the understanding of not only taxation and superannuation requirements but also State and Federal laws and Awards.
Payroll forms part of one of the most significant factors affecting your bottom line, it is extremely important to understand it and ensuring you comply with all the regulations, e.g. Superannuation Guarantee, employee entitlements, termination payments, hourly rates and penalty rates.
We can help you navigate all the regulations and ensure compliance, efficiency and accuracy.

International Services

Mr. Leon de la Barra Sr. was a qualified accountant in Chile prior to migrating and opening his practice in Australia.
Like in Australia he also had his own accounting practice in the Chilean capital of Santiago, although it has been over 25 years since his departure he maintains his knowledge of the Chilean taxation system current by regularly travelling to Chile and keeping a network of professional contacts he can call upon if required.
Our firm has also worked with many Chilean Government agencies in Australia and if so required we can provide you with a comprehensive service spanning the two taxation systems.