We are a father and son accounting practice established in 2007 but with combined accounting and taxation experience of over 60 years.
Personalized and easy to understand is probably the best way to describe our services, we treat our clients as family and in turn over the years they become like one.
We believe in the importance of getting to know our clients, of knowing every detail of your taxation and financial matters. Only in this way we can effectively work towards finding the optimum level of tax deductions to ensure we minimize your tax bills.

Jose Leon

Jose Leon de la Barra Snr.


An Accountant for over 40 years started his own accounting firm in his native country of Chile, in 1995 started operating the Mascot branch and in 2007 became the firm you know today.

Mr. Leon de la Barra’s areas of expertise are in all matters taxation but in particular he has vast experience in GST and related matters, importing and exporting as well as up to date knowledge of the current taxation system in Chile.

Jose Son Senior Accountant

Jose Leon de la Barra Jnr.

Senior Accountant & Tax consultant

Experienced taxation consultant and financial manager with particular expertise in driving efficiency and productivity through evaluation of financial management systems and implementing improved processes .

Great communication skills, Jose is very good at explaining to our clients complicated taxation and accounting concepts in a manner easy for them to understand.